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Even More of Joe Pivetti's Snapshots in Cambria

These digital photos were taken in Cambria, California in 2018 and are rendered here without modification other than cropping and/or sizing.  These photos are the personal possessions of Joe Pivetti and may not be used for any commercial use without permission from Joe and/or the Cambrian merchants.  If copied (no external linking please) for non-commercial use, we'd appreciate a "shout out".

Cambria quail

Cambria Great Egret

Cambria aloe flower

Cambria "ghost tree"

Cambria Yucca Rostrata

Cambria Fiscalini ranch walk

Cambria female elephant seals

Cambria juvenile male elephant seals

Cambria surf

Cambria deer

Cambria rainbow

Cambria near sunset
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"The Damn Quails are hard to find in California woods now-a-days."
- Solomon Tall (6/30/2018)

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