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Montreal Art Centre Snapshots

These are photos from our tour of the Griffintown based Centre d'Art de Montréal (a collective for local artists and offered as a private art retreat so for an annual fee you can stay in touch with the progress of the many housed local artists).

The retreat lounge is tastefully decorated

With the owner's art (including art master sketches in an secure anteroom)
The local Griffintown art seemed as good as that in the downtown museums
The artists get a space in the coop for about $200 a month
Art is hanging in every space
And some seems to want more space

I guess that's a VW
Are those cacti?
Those aren't flash reflections, its paint

Wendy Fee (wendyfee.com) bill card for her Escape showing at Club Spotif MAA

Our volunteer tour guide paints landscapes (Roxana Amelia)

Judi bought the original of this on a greeting card
(its also by Roxana Amelia)

Where is she going?

  Just ask these eyes
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"An artist collective manager says 'If it doesn't move, paint it; if it moves, paint another'."
- Solomon Tall (10/12/2016)

more Tall-isms here

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