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Joe & Judi Pivetti's Snapshots from Metro based walking tour in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

These phone photos were taken in Montreal during a one week vacation using the Metro and feet for transportation.

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Day 1: LAX to Montreal flight was uneventful.  Nash (landlord Luke's driver) took us to our apartment at Notre Dame and Montagne and after unpacking we walked a block to the MetroExtra market for necessities and then moseyed over to the Cafe Griffintown for happy hour and to watch art students oil up 20 little easels under the tutelage of friendly Freunks.
View west from 500 Rue De La Montagne apt.

View north from 500 Rue De La Montagne sidewalk

Griffintown Cafe prep for art night
Day 2: we walked to #2 Ste. Catherine to pick up our 3-day Metro and Attractions passes with a stop at the Basilique Notre Dame and Place d'Armes with a statue in memory to Paul de Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve, founder of Ville-Marie on Ile Montreal, New France in 1642

Basilique Notre Dame is 150 years old

The interior is primarily hand carved wood

Cadillac plaque in McDonald's stairway

Day 2 (continued):  after our walk thru China town we walked back home  via Montreal Vieux (old town), a poutine cafe, the riverfront and New City Gas

A statue in a nice public nook in old town

Wedding party on Rue St Paul in Vieux-Montréal

Hindu wedding party at New City Gas hall
Day 3: we had our first Metro from Lucien L'allier to Peel station and the underground city of Centre Eaton, Ste. Catherine and Place Ville-Marie and visited a wax museum and an observatory.  It was a long walk underground.

We walked around the underground mall serviced by 3 Metro stations and a train station. This business and shopping network might be better served with tunnel moving sidewalks.

Jean-Drupeau observed from Place Ville-Marie and Ste. Catherine underground mall shop wall

Montrealites have a vast underground system of metro rails, tunnels, underground malls and museums.

The dark splotches are all underground to shelter from the bitter Canadian winters

Day 3 (continued): then we Metro'd to Parc Jean-Drupeau.  We returned to Lucien L'allier and walked down the tunnel towards the train station and found ourselves at the Belle Center.  We bought good pita sandwiches at the Lebanese market on Peel St.

6 Flags & Olympic tower from Jean-Drupeau

Jean-Drupeau is a green park is on Île Sainte-Hélène east of Ile Montreal in the Ste. Lawrence River with a Geodome, Tour de Levis and an old river fort musee

Devils defeat Canadiens in preseason action in spite of valiant "go, Habs, go" cheers and Molson beer
Day 4:  We had crepes on a back patio in Griffintown with this view

and then Metro'd out to old town where we visited Hôtel de Ville de Montréal, Maison-des-Marins, and Place Jaques Cartier

Our walk home after hockey game

Place Jaques Cartier fur shop sells mostly mink

Crêperie sign
Day 4 (continued): We had lunch at Restaurant Les Filles du Roy and rode a sight seeing boat on the river.

We had fish & chip on the patio at Les Filles du Roy

Pretty plant on the St. Lawrence waterway

It clouded up but didn't rain
Day 4 (continued): We Metro'd out to Olympic Park and saw the Insectorium and the festival of lights in the evening.

I had just read Spider Legs by Cliff Pickover and Piers Anthony featuring sea spiders and the Insectorium had one (and lots of cool stick insects)

Botanical garden

Chinese Garden of Lights
Day 5: we Metro'd out downtown to fine and contemporary art museums

One of 3 public pianos we encountered in Montreal

Museum Toulouse-Lautrec lithograph

Museum african masks collection
The MAC had only one exhibit which was electronic circuit music (here is a link to a 77 megabyte video)

Day 5 (continued): we went to a Roch Voisine & orchestra concert

Glass facade going in over Rue Jeanne-Mance brick

Fountains on Rue Jeanne-Mance

Roch Voisine and Symphonique Montreal
Day 6: we walked Rue Notre Dame, saw shops and the Atwater Marche and then Metro'd out to Mont Royal to walk street art.  We wore out and didn't get to Lester's Deli in Mile End

Atwater Marche berry stand

Street musicians at Metro stop banana

Wood shop in Mont Royal
Day 7: visited local shops and art center and finished with dinner at Europea's for our 21st anniversary

8: We shared beer and poutine at the Montreal airport, relaxed during our return flight and Execucar ride home where Don, Joy, Ginger, Zoey and Kobe welcomed us back to Huntington Beach

Ludovik shop on Rue Notre Dame

Roxana at the Montreal Art Centre

Europea on Rue De La Montagne
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"A walk-off win in the ninth inning feels better than a run-off loss in the ninth district."
- Solomon Tall (10/12/2016)

more Tall-isms here

Wax Roch

$100K per box for these apt's on Île Notre Dame

Tour de Levis (water tower)

Jean-Drupeau Biodome

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